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Super Bug

Fast, I-player driving action. Unpredictable track makes each game a new game. Durable 4 speed ... Read More


The adventure you have been waiting for! We have brought Fantasy Gaming to the arcade!5 ... Read More

Black Tiger

Long long ago, three dragons descended from skies above with a rolling thunder and destroyed ... Read More

Section Z

Will you penetrate Section Z and defeat the Balagool Empire? You control the Future of ... Read More


This time it,s to save our cities from an alien invasion headed by the evil ... Read More


Play Pang original arcade game. Shoot the balls and avoid getting hit5 = Insert Coin ... Read More

WWF Superstars

Crunching, clotheslines, devastating, dropkicks, backbraking, bodyslams… step through the ropes for all WWF action. 5 ... Read More

Alien Syndrome

Catastrophic accident in experimental genetic lab… stations overrun by hideous organic mutations – scientists captured! ... Read More

R-Type II

The Empire revived. It had gained new power and rapidly evolved in another dimension. To ... Read More


The revolution of the slot machines. One of the most played games in Europe. Ready, ... Read More


There,s a new Sheriff in town …and he is come to Collect! A new action ... Read More

Final Fight

Those creeps! The Mad gear Gand has kidnapped Haggars daughter Jessica. Now, you must head ... Read More